Table of Contents

01 Chapter

Persistence of Vision

Product Vision, Company Purpose

02 Chapter

Stories of Your Life and Others

Business Lifecycle, Problem/Solution Fit Product/Market Fit

03 Chapter

Picking Up the Pieces

Business Quilt, Business Model Canvas Lean Canvas

04 Chapter

The Persona Protocol

Lean Personas, Get Out of the Building

05 Chapter

Fortune’s Wheel

Value Proposition Wheel, Pains and Gains Jobs to be Done

06 Chapter

The Crowded Shadows

Equity Crowdfunding, Special Purpose Vehicles

07 Chapter

The Lunatic Cafe

Daily Cafes, Daily Updates Daily Stand-ups

08 Chapter

Streams of Silver

Kanban Boards, WIP Limits, Flow Efficiency

09 Chapter

The Invention of Everything Else

Innovation Vortex, Lean Startup Design Thinking

10 Chapter

The Terminal Experiment

Lean Experiments, Minimum Viable Products Pivot, Patch & Persevere

11 Chapter

Fables and Reflections

Agile Retrospectives, Improvement Backlog Improvement Board

12 Chapter

Kings of the North

North Star Metric, Support Metrics Check Metrics

13 Chapter

The Entropy Tango

Product Backlog, Backlog Maintenance, Minimum Marketable Features

14 Chapter

A Pleasure to Burn

Burn Charts, Cumulative Flow Diagrams Burn Rate

15 Chapter

The New Recruit

Recruitment Funnel, Screening Interviews Reference Checks

16 Chapter

The Enigma Score

Hiring Scorecard, Job Descriptions

17 Chapter

Standard Hero Behavior

Job Interviews, Behavioral Questions Behavioral Tests

18 Chapter

The Darkest Road

Product Roadmap, Rolling-Wave Planning

19 Chapter

Ghost Writer in the Sky

Content Calendar, Content Backlog Content Kanban

20 Chapter

Million Dollar Gamble

Agile Funding, Innovation Funnel Continuous Funding

21 Chapter

Spheres of Influence

Pitch Decks, Customer Acquisition Costs Customer Lifetime Value

22 Chapter

Heart Journey

Journey Maps, WOW Moments WTF Moments

23 Chapter

A Pirate’s Tale

Pirate Metrics, Sales Funnel Marketing Funnel

24 Chapter

Test of the Twins

Split Tests, Multivariate Tests Cohort Analysis

25 Chapter

Culture Clash

Culture Code, Core Values