The Lunatic Cafe

Meet every day with your team for a Daily Cafe and Work Out Loud by sending each other Daily Updates.


How to share your daily updates in a distributed multi-cultural team? Kanban board? Daily meetings? Shared channels when everyone can inform the team? Although some of you are using daily stand-ups, this chapter will show you the pros and cons and will share different practices to keep the team aligned.

  • Daily scrum
  • Daily stand-up
  • Daily updates
  • Daily huddles
Practices Explained

Daily Cafes

Daily Updates

Daily Stand-ups

Practices Mentioned

Working Out Loud

Fist of Five


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Chapter 7 Illustrations

Recommended Tools

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Recommended Books

Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process (A Mike Cohn Signature Book) by Kenneth S. Rubin

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