A Pleasure to Burn

Keep an eye on your progress with Burn Up Charts, Burn Down Charts, or Cumulative Flow Diagrams.


Popularized by Scrum, burn charts are a way to visualize the amount of work done and also to analyze your WIP. Used as a tool linked to your product backlog, this chapter will show you how to use this tool and how it can help the teams to manage their work.

  • Product backlog
  • Burn chart
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • WIP
  • Cumulative flow diagram
Practices Explained

Burn Charts

Cumulative Flow Diagrams

Practices Mentioned

Burn Rate

Lead Time

Cycle Time


Queue Length


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Chapter 14 Illustrations

Recommended Tools

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Kanban and Scrum – Making the Most of Both
by Henrik Kniberg, Mattias Skarin

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